Friday, November 1, 2013

Project Specification Document Template for Web based projects

Project Specification Documents

A Project Specification (or spec) is a comprehensive description of objectives for a development project. It contains all goals, functionality, and details required for a development team to fulfill the vision of the client.

Why is a Project Specification So Important?

Project specifications are an essential part of any web site. A project specification is a lot like a blueprint for building a home. It is a plan created in writing that should be uniformly understandable by all people involved in the project. You wouldn't build a home without a blueprint would you? Of course you wouldn't. So why would you build a web site without a plan?

What is a Web Project Specification Document for?

In it's basic form the spec will represent the scope of your project to the developer(s).

When you are drafting your project spec, account for as much of the following list as possible. 

Common Elements for a Project Spec

The following are often included in project specifications:
  • Introduction - description of project
  • Project Objectives
  • Site User Roles - what types of roles will site users have (guest, editor, admin, etc)
  • Functional Requirements Per User Role
  • Design Specifications - how things should look and feel visually
  • Flow or Logic Diagrams - for non-trivial processes like checkout or applications
  • Success Criteria - how to know if your website is doing its job
  • Site Map - the architechture, often in outline form, of the site content
  • Content Plan - type of content, and where content will come fro
  • Marketing Plan - how will the site make money
  • Site Maintenance - who will maintain the site
  • Project Timeline - desired timeline for completion (may be in phases for large projects)
  • Budget - how much your organization has set aside for the project

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  1. Specifications is an element of Specifications is an element of Project Management. These are really necessary for the overall assessment of the project. It tells all the requirements which are necessary for the completion of project. We should prepare specification list with care.