Thursday, December 26, 2013

Value Stream Mapping Current state map markup and Future state map for a call center

The next step in Value Stream Mapping is the Markup for the current state map. At this step, the bottleneck areas are identified in the current value stream map. As shown in the diagram below for the call center value stream map, a markup is created by identifying the bottlenecks at each step of the ticket resolution process. The type of bottleneck is also identified at this step such as Overprocessing, Defect, Waiting etc. These bottlnecks need to be removed and the process needs to be stream lined.

The last step in Value Stream Mapping is the Future State Mapping. In this step, the bottlenecks identified in the current state map markup are removed and the future streamlined process is documented as a diagram. The star bursts indicate the process improvements. The flow of the entity through the process is recorded. The volume of entities processed at each step of the process is also documented. Here is a sample future state diagram for a BPO call center that I created from a project that I worked on where "ticket" is the entity that passes through the process. The potential ticket volumes are recorder at each step. If you do not have the exact volumes, use a best guess estimate. The processing time and lead times are measured and calculated for each step. Click on the future state map image below to see full size image. This diagram was created using Microsoft Visio. Please leave any questions in the comments section below.


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