Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Google Glass - Everything you need to know

How Google Glass works
  • “Glass” - Platform images are projected in combinations with the real world.  
  • GPS - Technology that allows the devise to understand where you are and helps populate the data for the current situations
  • Graphics - Integrating reality with technology

How does it work?
  • Runs on Android
  • The device gets data through Wi-Fi on its own, or it can tether via Bluetooth to an Android device or iPhone and use its 3G or 4G data
  • Future versions will likely include a cellular antenna
  • Embedded camera, microphone, GPS
  • Bone-induction will be used for sound
  • It will probably use a transparent LCD or AMOLED display
  • Google is experimenting with designs that will fit over existing glasses

  • Touch the side of the device (which is actually a touchpad), or tilt your head upward slowly to wake up Glass. 
  • Saying “ok glass” gets Glass to wake up to your voice commands. 
  • Can also scroll through the options using your finger along the side of the device. You can scroll items by moving 
  • your finger backwards or forward along the strip
  • You select by tapping, and move "back" by swiping down. 
  • Most of the big interactions are done by voice.
  • Glass mostly responds by displaying hyper-styled cards full of information, like Google Now
Enhancing the Experience
  • Cloud-based API [application programming interface] that will allow developers to integrate with Glass, which 
  • enables a wide variety of Glass services while keeping a consistent user experience.
  • People are already developing apps for Google Glass - including one that allows you to identify your friends in a 
  • crowd
  • Explorer Program: Find out how people want to use Glass and help develop social norm
Major Vendors/Developers
  • Google X Lab - Project is headed by Babak Parviz of University of Washington
  • Warby Parker was supposedly hired to help with the design
  • Google might open retail stores where people can try on the glasses
Major Customers
  • Anyone with a smart phone
  • Government – Applications in Military, Law Enforcement & Rescue Services
  • Hospitals/Medical Schools – Emergency response teams, nursing and patient care, physical therapy & surgery observations. 
  • Trekkies/Sci-Fy Junkies - “Early Adopters”
On a lighter note, here's Dilbert on what Google glass can do..

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