Friday, May 10, 2013

Google Glass - Potential Social, Legal and Security Issues

Social Issues - Privacy
Google Glass could very easily be used as an indiscreet spying and recording device for voice and video
Someone shooting with Google Glass does not stand out in a crowd the way that someone shooting with a small or cell phone camera does. Should Google be forced to make the light next to camera mandatory?

Social Issues - Health
Google glass contain fixed-focus lenses that make the display appear to hover in space, farther away than it really is. This can lead to severe eyestrain, which again can be harmful, especially to children.

Glass can only access the internet through a wireless Bluetooth connection to the wearer's smart phone. Previous studies have found low-level electromagnetic field exposure from mobiles and other transmitting devices could cause harmful heating of tissue, male infertility and cancer.

Other Social Issues
Like smart phones, Google Glass can be distracting and potentially cause accidents

Social Alienation
Google Glass can cause further social isolation. People who wear these are going to be checking their email more, playing games more, "sharing" on the Internet more. They are going to be more self-involved


Legal Issues - Privacy
Google hasn’t revealed any Glass-related privacy policy, but the fact that the data exists in the cloud puts it
within the reach of third parties. Risk to privacy can be reduced if companies like Google provide people with full control of their own data. Current U.S. statutes allow law enforcement access to e-mail and cell phone records under certain circumstances without a search warrant. Will that be applicable to Google glass’s data?

Legal Issues
There are currently no laws that prohibit the use of augmented-reality eye-wear.
Current prototype of glass requires you to swipe your finger across the earpiece to navigate the menu, which
doesn’t sound particularly safe while driving. West Virginia lawmaker Gary G. Howell, is leading the charge for a law in the state that would ban the use of Google Glass by drivers. Those caught using Google Glass while driving a vehicle would face a $100 fine for the first offense.

Security Issues
Google glass can easily capture information such as ATM pins and Credit card numbers. All of this information can be compromised with a security breach, revealing both the information of the one using Glass and the people they surrounds themselves with.
Hackers with access to your Glass could rob your apartment by knowing when you're not home and where you keep your spare keys, gain access to your PIN and account numbers, and watch your fingers as you type in your passwords to other accounts on your computer.


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